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Managing subscribers

When you're an ISP offering access to the Internet, you need to keep track of a number of things.

  • Which address space is assigned to who.
  • Forward DNS entries, reverse DNS entries with possible delegation.
  • Per-customer consumed bandwidth. This can be useful if a subscriber keeps sucking up transit bandwidth, which may end up being deadly expensive for a small ISP.
  • Payment history, in case it's not fully automated already.

Don't forget that subscribers may wish to view/change information themselves (bandwidth graph, DNS delegation, etc).

For all these tasks, you need some kind of software.

Possible backends

  • LDAP

Existing solutions

  • FDN system, written in Perl and only masterable by experienced Gurus
  • Ambre, developped in 2013 by Rézine (Eastern France). Ruby on Rails.
  • COIN, being developed by Illyse in France. Written in Django, with a generic backend system (for now, OpenVPN backend through LDAP). In English as much as possible, but some French may remain.


This is the process of assigning configuration to the end-user equipment (CPE). This includes IPv4 and IPv6 ranges, DNS servers, NTP servers, and so on.

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