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Monitoring and instrumentation

  • Monitoring is the process of checking if a given system works as expected
  • Instrumentation is the process of collecting data from a device (link utilisation, CPU utilisation, RAM, disk, …)

The two are related to each other.

Monitoring tools


  • Nagios
  • Zabbix
  • Icinga
  • nodewatcher, an open source network planning, deployment, monitoring and maintenance platform with emphasis on community.

Instrumentation tools

  • Munin



Alternative is to use a simpler channel like HTTP. SNMP is sometimes too big/bloated for small routers.


Round-robin database engine

Or use some client-side drawing library, like django-datastream.


Collectd is a nice little program that is able to collect various data on a system, and either write them to a rrdtool database, or send them via the network (or both).

It runs on OpenWRT: statistic.collectd. This is quite nice with the network-based reporting of the collected data (because you probably don't want to store rrdtool database directly on your OpenWRT routers).

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