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 +# Working together
 +Assuming this wiki will once carry information, how to go on? Is the primary goal of DIYISP just communication and gathering information?
 +Or could it be building a network of some services, or something like a "brand"?
 +I assume that without doing anything together, there won't be any future progress with DIYISP. The single ISPs might get larger (or stagnate), but when there is no need for communication except for communication itself, it will cease.
 +A few ideas what could be done in the future to better bound to each other:
 + * "Share" IPs. There are chances you want an IP which is not in your home country. If we could have agreements with each other that we provide VPNs for each other (maybe only once per country), this would be a great benefit.
 + * Providing public infrastructure (each ISP a single point) und the DIYISP flag to get a good label. These services are meant to be free of charge and open for everyone, but help building up the label and give something back to the community:
 +    * IRC server for Freenode, IRCNet, etc.
 +    * Jabber server
 +    * Software mirrors
 +    * Repository hosting
 +    * Wiki hosting
 +    * general Webhosting
 +    * SSH accounts
 + * Start roaming. A Wifi provider has much more value if you do not only have access locally, but also in other cities. [[|spaceFED]] is similar and might be a good cooperation. They have SpaceNet for Radius (i.e., also for wifi) and SpaceSaml for Web-based services.
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