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 +# Resources related to DIY ISPs
 +Of course, this includes community networks (which are closely related to DIY ISPs)
 +## Community fiber
 +* [[|The community network manual : how to build the Internet yourself]]
 +* Very nice report about DIY fiber by [[|]], in English: [[|PDF]], {{|backup link}}
 +* [[|Hate Your ISP? Maybe You Need Community Fiber]] (EFF article from July 2014)
 +* [[|Community-owned fiber/cable networks in the US]] (with a [[|map]])
 +* [[|B4rn: Broadband for the Rural North]] community fiber on the countryside (UK)
 +* [[|RESO-LIAin]] publicly-owned fiber network in eastern France
 +## Research papers
 +* [[|A Questionnaire based Examination of Community Networks]] ([[|PDF]] here)
 +## Interoperability
 +* [[|Open Networks Interoperability]]: very interesting wiki with lots of information about community networks
 +## Misc
 +* [[|Internet Governance and hackers]]
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